Chew on This! A Dental Podcast

Chew on This! A Dental Podcast

Hosted by: Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry

A deep-ish dive into some of the hottest (and most fun) topics in dentistry today. What’s happening out there and how will it affect you? Teresa Duncan and Kevin Henry put a unique spin on current events that will...

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#50 Data Breaches, Documentation and Did You Know Kevin Is Part Nigerian?!

Do people still click on suspicious email links? They sure do! Aspen Dental had a large data breach. We talk about how offices of all sizes can be hit by this. The importance of patient safety comes up as we discuss a...
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#49 Hotel Dentistry Has No Place in Our Dental History

Why is it that when you hear about unlicensed dentistry gone wrong it's from the back of someone's car or from some hotel? We discuss another one of these stories and then swing over to a respectable dental school to...
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If Your Dentist Is A Murderer...Allegedly

Episode #48

What's your responsibility when your boss is about to be featured on Dateline? Kevin and I pondered the employee obligations of the Colorado dentist accused of killing his wife via poison. We aren't seeing too much of...
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Paying For Turkey Teeth Is A Thing?

Episode #47

Chasing beauty can be very painful as two couples found out when they pursued dental tourism in Turkey. Did you think I meant the delicious holiday meal? It's much worse than that! We also discussed some sobering news...
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Gen Z Workforce Explained and Kevin Discovers His AI Talents

Episode #46

How are we going to work with younger people who are so different from us? Well, considering that every generation has asked this question, it probably won’t be that bad. New ideas, new energy - what’s not to love?...
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Dental Legislative Revolution and a Rogue Implant

Episode #45

Dental legislators had a busy year in 2022 and it looks like 2023 is going to be more of the same. It will be at least 2+ years before we see the impact of Question 2 in the Massachusetts election (see episode 42)....
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Nudes, Knockers and The World Health Organization

Episode #44

Should you base your podcast opinion on a title? We hope so! In this episode, we review oral health statistics from the World Health Organization. It’s important to be aware of clinical trends so that you can plan...
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#DIYDentist and Butt Massages for Oral Health - Really!

Episode #43

TikTok users love dental tips - maybe a bit too much. The hashtag #DIYDentist is huge in that space. Perhaps we need an influencer or two to help us spread GOOD oral health tips. Like how butt massages could benefit...
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911 Is Your Friend & Thoughts on MA's Medical Loss Ratio

Episode #42

It's horrible to suffer injury at the dental office. But it's absolutely not fair that the money awarded to you just simply isn't there. We discuss the lessons learned from a poor child's life permanently affected by...
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Quietly Quitting Diamond Grillz

Episode #41

We don’t recommend prison but if you have to go then make sure your oral health is in good shape. Rapper YNW Melly is sitting in jail with diamond encrusted crowns and claiming that he is being denied his basic oral...
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Dental Biorhythms With a Touch of Glitter 

Episode #40

We know teeth have grooves but did you know they were GROOVY? How your baby teeth grow can determine your metabolism. We then ventured over to TikTok and Facebook to learn about glittery dentures. Yes, you read that...
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A Dental Chain Disappears with Patient Money 

Episode #39

Talk about a bad apple. Thanks to one dental chain our industry has suffered another black mark. How do you handle patients who are angry and mistrustful? Delicately and with your own safety in mind. We then traveled...
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