#56 Cigna’s New Digital Screening App and Tooth Fairy Inflation Rates

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🦷 Cigna Dental has 16.5 million members who can now send in pictures of their teeth and get a message back.

📱 They'll use an app to take five pictures and get a Cigna dentist's opinion.

💸 Oh, and the tooth fairy is really stepping up the game. The average price for a lost tooth is now $6.23. Talk about inflation!

💰 The first tooth is worth more though, with an average of $7.29. The tooth fairy is like a savvy investor, always putting more money in the beginning.

🚸 Heads up: Shield your kids from this podcast unless you're prepared for complaints about their tooth fairy falling short of expectations!

📚 And just in case you're feeling nostalgic, remember one of the early video games, Oregon Trail? There's an app for that now.

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