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An Office's Revenue Stream Is Only as Reliable as Its Billing System

Looking to reduce your accounts receivables? Improve your office's insurance billing? Teresa and her team have extensive experience in these areas. Webinar training and customized phone support can help your office develop more efficient systems in these areas.

Doctors who are experiencing a slowdown in their bank account usually are unsure where to look first. Many dentists who are victims of embezzlement had red flags to tip them off but did not know what they meant. Or perhaps there was a key team member that left and your revenue has slowed down. Let's assess the situation and fix it. No doubt your team will need training to ensure cash flow stays constant. Training is our focus so you can continue to practice dentistry without worry.

Teresa offers customized training for team members. Services can be customized for your office's needs.

Recent training packages included:

  • Single day training on collection techniques with 3 months phone/webinar follow-up training
  • Two day training on insurance basics for new administrative team member with 3 months phone/email support
  • 6 months of e-mail support of coding questions for an office newly providing implant treatment
  • Basic to advanced coding instruction via webinar and phone training
  • Remote investigation/review of unexplained outstanding balances (done via remote log-in to the computer during non-office hours)
  • Review of best insurance practices including filing protocols and instruction on how to use electronic claims/attachments efficiently
  • Training on narratives, appeals and tactics for staying on top of PPO plan presence in your practice
  • Most trainings are virtual - no need to shut your office down and lose production!

Every office has different needs - complimentary phone consultation is available to discover what services work best for you.

Call or email today to start your journey!


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